Looking to improve your custom website navigation and create a more informative user-experience?  The jQuery MegaMenu is a fantastic way to add product thumbnails to a website dropdown menu.  In addition, supporting paragraphs with headings can be added.  As can blockquotes, hypertext links and additional imagery (JPGs, transparent PNGs).  What’s even better about the MegaMenu is it’s mobile-friendly and content can be divided into [1 to 12] columns in the same manner as one would program using the Twitter boilerplate.  On a mobile device the MegaMenu automatically converts to a Google Hamburger menu making it a perfect navigation solution for any website.

Examples of how we incorporate the MegaMenu in various client websites are shown above.

We find the MegaMenu ideal for showcasing product categories, product benefits / features and available product options.  17 Designs will link a MegaMenu to a MySQL product database table to automatically generate navigation thumbnails using custom PHP libraries.  Exceptions can be added to program the MegaMenu for multiple language support or products that are based upon the country a user selects.

MegaMenus are highly versatile and can also be used for About Us Page content, PDF downloads, Input Forms and a host of jQuery accessories.

Consider the MegaMenu for your next custom website development project.