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Web Design



We have successfully launch 147 websites
for clients across the Greater Toronto Area.
Ask how we can build the best site for your business.

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MySQL Database Integration (1,000s of products)

Add/Edit/Delete/Sort Products (secure interface)

Encrypted Content Management (using SSL+Firewall)

Database + Image Verification

EXTRAS... Promotions / Testimonials / Trade Shows

Distributor Lists / Sell Sheets / Price Lists / etc.


User-Centric / Customer-Focused Web Design

We have over 20 years of Web Design experience.  Ask how we can help your business succeed!

Turn-Key Web Design

17 Designs offers Full Service Web Design including Photoshop / Illustrator mock-ups, digital photography, copywriting, MySQL database integration, custom (HTML5/CSS3 and PHP 7) programming, marketing and adaptive mobile smartphone web development.
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Custom Form Design

We are confident in preparing complex Contact Inquiry, Feedback, Product Quotation, Employment and Bid Application Forms linked to secure database tables for future review, lead generation and adding to mailing lists.  Form output can be emailed to multiple addresses.
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Structured Coding Practices

Our coding strategies are highly structured and thoroughly scrutinized with each web page change request.  We logically prepare our code to be Modular, Scalable, Optimized, Fast and Formal by Design.  We will make use of Classes, Functions and Object Code wherever possible.
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Our Recent Web Designs

PHP = On-line Catalogues / Dynamic Web Pages

Since our inception, 17 Designs has written all of our database interactive websites using PHP.  Linked to a MySQL database, retrieval of relational records using SQL SELECT statements is fast and seamless.  This means our custom websites will be quick!

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Powerful, Versatile, Pixel Perfect

Combined with our knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML web development, the presentation of output is ideal for product catalogues, data / search inquiries and is highly regarded by our clients for its pixel perfect output.

Core Features


Our latest menu can incorporate images, videos, lists, text, buttons and links all neatly lined up and easy to navigate.  Example: www.osb.ca.

Custom Admin

Our manufacturer websites include product add / edit / delete / sort routines.  We can also mass import Excel spreadsheets into custom and complex database designs.

Fully Responsive Design

Our websites looks amazing on any device. Navigation, text, images and tables adapt to any screen resolution.  Example: www.linkon.ca.

WordPress or Custom

We’ll happily re-brand an existing WordPress template, create a new template or write you a unique, custom & completely original PHP 7 / HTM5 website from scratch.

Animated Banners

We often enhance the Home Page with animated banners that resize to fit any device.  Banners are a great way to showcase new products.


Using CSS3 @font-face we can easily incorporate enhanced typefaces from Google Fonts or Font Squirrel to give your site added flair.

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