Custom Form Design vs. Contact Plugins

With the proliferation of CMS Systems like WordPress and Contact Plugins one may argue that form design is a thing of the past.  On the contrary, custom form design has become even more essential especially for businesses with specific requirements and finite validation criteria.

Unique Validation Expressions

We find businesses that have complex form layouts with a multitude of form inputs, check boxes, radios and text input boxes benefit when the web designer has pixel level control over placement of such elements.  In addition, unique validation expressions can be programmed that look and screen for specific inputs that cannot be achieved using a simple Plugin.  Screening for swear words, inappropriate content, website injection attacks and secondary hacking attacks are also easy to address.

Personalized Thank Your Responses

In addition, we offer personalized Thank You Pages, storage of form inputs into a MySQL table for future lead generation, on-line review capability and email generated output with company colours & logo in an easy-to-read format.

Examples of Custom Form Design

Custom Form Design