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Canadian Artist Stella Jurgen creates Wall and Textile Art

Thinking outside the box, I have taken my 2D canvas art to produce large scale wall art for interior décor and fabric for the fashion industry.

Art for the 21st Century

My designs capture the beauty of colour and form printed on wall paper or fabric.  I can design any theme for any usage. I also work with interior designers to create a specific look.

The wall paper is printed with art that is custom designed and sized for your space, either your home, your office or your store.  The paper is applied on the wall and it becomes a mural that is durable and it can be changed in a few years.

The fabric is printed in roll form, so that you can order as many yards as you need to make dresses for special occasions and it is also suitable for home accessories.

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Textile Art - Kissed - dress by Stella Jurgen
Textile Art - Kissed - dress by Stella Jurgen

Examples of Textile Art

Full wall decor - Black & White City-Stella Jurgen-2 sides
Stella-Jurgen - Printed Satin Colour Me