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Manufacturer Websites

Are you a local GTA manufacturer looking for a website solution to manage your large on-line product inventory? Then consider our solution for Custom Web Design for Manufacturers…

MySQL: The Right Database Solution for Manufacturing

Theme-based websites (Drupal, Joolma and WordPress) are handy for retail and small business websites but don’t work well with marketing / products managers that use Microsoft Access or Excel to handle extensive product inventories (5,000+ products).  Some products have so many fields!  We commonly convert client spreadsheets with 75 columns or more (A-Z, AA-AZ, BA-BZ, CA-CZ, etc.) into functional and easy to navigate MySQL databases.  That’s why 17 Designs offers custom web design for manufacturers.

MySQL UTF-8 Format Accomodates Trademarks

What’s nice about MySQL is it has the flexibility to handle large, text-based fields that can contain virtually unlimited HTML content.  With UTF-8 format, fields can also contain trademarks (™), registered symbols (®), copyrights (©), international characters (àáâãçèéê) and other unique symbols.

Relational Databases

For products with several images, a relational photo database can be established containing pertinent photo information, ie. captions, colour / finish swatches, renderings, lightbox / popup / zoom-in details and SEO information.

MySQL is ideally suited for products that are organized in a hierarchical structure addressing such requirements as product industry and material type.

MySQL product tables are also easy to import back into Microsoft Excel via CSV generated files that way reference to spreadsheets can still be maintained.

Custom Web Design for Manufacturers, MySQL database importing, product integration, Excel data import, product catalogue
MySQL database integration - import 1000s of products using Excel spreadsheet

Secure Back-End User Interfaces

Which Hosting Solution is Right?

Dedicated Server

For large manufacturers we always recommend using a dedicated server.  Dedicated servers allow for increased security over shared servers and generally offer faster hosting.  More importantly, a dedicated server allows for creation of a publically-accessible website and an encrypted, firewall-protected back-end subdomain.  What better way to manage your website than behind a firewall!

Shared Hosting Back-End

Can’t afford a dedicated server or need to perform a risk assessment before increasing your hosting costs?  We offer product management solutions that work and are secure even within a shared hosting environment, ie.  By using multiple security keys, placebo characters and random elements, back-end modules can achieve enhanced security and independent control of your product inventory.

Custom Web Design for Manufacturers, hosting solutions for manufacturers, dedicated servers, shared hosting, website hosting solutions
Dedicated Hosting or Shared?

Custom Form Design

How To Tackle Form Design?

Submission Forms

HTML5, PHP and jQuery make Product Submission Forms easy!  Through real-time access to your extension product database one can instantly generate product indices to make website navigation seamless to your customers.  Custom inputs can be created to correspond to your extensive product requirements.  GUI interfaces allow for text input so that customers / staff don’t have to understand HTML.

Custom Requirements?

We often meet manufacturers that have custom requirements that cannot be conveyed or articulated with just one meeting.  Some concepts are so unique to a particular industry that solutions may take a month or more to code / develop.  This is not unusual and it is where 17 Designs excels.  We welcome challenges and difficult tasks.  The more complicated your requirements the better!

contact form development, submission forms
Submission Form Design and Validation

Web Design Fundamentals

Companies choose 17 Designs because we offer timely in-house:

  • Corporate Website Design
  • Custom Web Design for Manufacturers
  • Open Source Web Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Graphics
  • Corporate Website CMS Design
  • Corporate Website Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Strategies / Updates

Structured Coding Practices

Our coding strategies are highly structured and thoroughly scrutinized with each web page update. We logically prepare our code to be:

  • Formal by Design
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Well Organized

HTML5 Website Design


Take advantage of the new semantic markup of HTML5 website design, including self-validating web forms your users will love, tailor-made CSS3 web page formatting (such as gradients, transparencies, curved radii and drop shadows) and @font-face advanced type support. 17 Designs has embraced the latest generation of HTML5 web development ensuring an ideal user experience and pixel perfect web authoring aimed at modern browsers.

mobile friendly, mobile development, jQuery, adaptive website

Going mobile? Using the latest jQuery framework, HTML5 and CSS3, 17 Designs can program a mobile application that utilizes adaptive fluid grid design to fit any smart phone.

What about a smart phone’s orientation? We’ve got that covered. jQuery framework adapts to fits the horizontal or vertical browser width of any smart phone. Do you also need database support? No problem. We can link your mobile app to an on-line product catalogue / database retrieving product information in real time.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

Wordpress Logo

Don’t settle for an unoriginal WordPress Theme used by thousands on the planet. We can design a custom WordPress Theme programmed to fit your brand identity and unique business requirements.

Our original WordPress Themes now use adaptable technology allowing the text, imagery and navigation to resize / scale to fit any device. This makes for a great user experience and allows your customers to view your website on their smart phone, tablet, notebook or desktop.

jQuery Banners

Stunning and Provide Added SEO Benefit

Need to add some pizzazz to your corporate website? Consider adding a jQuery Animated Banner with the following functionality:

  • Responsive Banners (reacting to finger swipes on mobile devices and mouse movement on computers)
  • Parallax Content Sliders (adding layered movement to your banners – see example above)
  • Content Cycles and Easing
  • Twitter Feeds
web developer

Web Design Related Services


Through efficient design and coding practices, by making code error free and browser compliant, many of our websites achieve naturally high organic ranking on numerous search engines. Other factors also come into play including naming conventions, page descriptions, meta information, .htaccess browser redirection, keyword management and various tags.


17 Designs believes in focusing on what we do best, web design. As such, we will not put a mark-up on another company’s hosting services. If you are looking for the very best in hosting services with a company that is as customer focused as we are, we highly recommend Connected Technologies Inc. – our business partner for over 20 years.

Summary of BEST Web Design Features


Adaptive, mobile-friendly layouts that will resize to fit any screen.


We can import your products spreadsheet + images directly into a MySQL database and build a website around it.


Our customers come first! We understand what it means to have urgent requests and we will respond diligently during your time of need.

Best Features Web Design


We create designs that are suitable for any business.


We use PHP because it’s the most popular web programming language on the planet. It’s FREE and modular for easy expansion.


Our work is clean and precise.


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