17 Designs recently added a Testimonial Slideshow and an Instagram Feed to the Dearcroft Montessori custom WordPress website.  The Testimonial Slideshow is a leading generating tool and it is hoped that by demonstrating positive parent and graduate feedback new students will be attracted to attend the school.  The Instagram Feed gives useful insight to parents on activities students participate in and its purpose is to showcase how nurturing and caring an environment Dearcroft is.

The addition of the Testimonial Slideshow was achieved using a Plugin that was further customized using CSS @media queries to fit required screen dimensions and also had a unique background added to celebrate Dearcroft’s 50th Anniversary. A testimonial submission form with heading, name, email, website and photo was included in this update.  Parent testimonials are submitted first to Dearcroft staff via email and then can be approved using a WordPress interface (similar to Posts) before going live.

The Instagram Feed was achieved using a JavaScript that is linked to Dearcroft’s Instagram account.  As photos are added to Instagram the website is automatically updated.

Visit www.dearcroft-montessori.com to see the Testimonial Slideshow and Instagram Feed.