Have you ever been asked: “Would you like Fries with that?”

Or, how about: “Would you like the Combo Meal?”

E-Commerce Cross-Selling is a handy way for on-line businesses (and in our case local GTA manufacturers) to sell additional products related to a current purchase.  That way if you already know your customers are going to need an added component you can give them the option to include that with their shopping cart.

Cross-selling means knowing what is the cost of that added product and what product(s) it relates to.

We have developed useful and highly effective jQuery / PHP modules that provide for this added functionality.  What’s great about these modules is they also adapt perfectly to a smart phone or tablet making for a fantastic user experience.  When a customer adds a product to his / her shopping cart, a related product is automatically presented to the customer in the form of a popup with a prompt for additional purchase.  By simply clicking YES to a checkbox the shopping cart is updated as is the pricing structure and inventory.

17 Designs is very excited to showcase this new e-commerce tool and we were happy to develop it for Adaptall.