A call to artists was launched by the Oxford County Library for the creation of a mural dedicated to the children’s area in the Tillsonburg Branch.  Our submission (prepared and managed by Creative Director Stella Jurgen) was selected with a mural design that pleased the library staff.  The mural painting started September 19, 2023 and the final artwork was unveiled November 25, 2023.  The mural size is 12 ft x 9 ft and it boasts a whimsical theme embellished with vibrant colours.  During the design development, Stella learned about the community, visited local sites and participated in events.  She also noted the abundance of turtles in the town lake, Lake Lisgar, and decided to include them in the design.  “I simply love turtles!” exclaimed Stella. “My first pet was a turtle that my father brought home and that we called it Margarita.  My second turtle was Filipo.”  Coincidentally, the Town of Tillsonburg is well known for its annual Turtlefest and knowing the popularity of turtles the mural design featured turtles – Maggie and Philip, plus their parents – in honour of Stella’s love was turtles and to the delight of town residents.  As an added attraction, the mural includes local historical sites and all things that are beautiful in Tillsonburg.  If you happen to visit the Tillsonburg branch of the Oxford County Library, take a moment to view this delightful mural.