17 Designs recently developed a unique and interesting E-Commerce Solution for Adaptall Inc. that takes into account the unique requirements of their distributors in filling complex orders and shipping to hundreds of different customers across North America.

Once a distributor is successfully validated and logged into the Adaptall E-Commerce portal, product stock is instantly accessible and from a simple SKU listing a distributor may add multiple products to a shopping cart and update quantities.

A range of shipping options exists using the UPS Shipping API and a unique feature shows the distributor the weight and shipping container size of any order being placed.

When product stock is depleted distributors are presented with an option to Inquire. To keep product stock in sync with actual inventory a server cron job updates the product database every 15 minutes.

For management of orders distributors may reference a detailed Account History at any time. In addition, when orders are not completed distributors are prompted to re-activate orders during login.

To assist with on-line activity, Adaptall staff may inquire into product views, orders in progress, orders placed, password resets, logins and logoffs.

Adaptall can also choose which options a distributor is eligible to pay by: a well-established distributor can pay according to terms, whereas a new distributor transaction will be processed by credit card using www.stripe.com.

This E-Commerce gives distributors access to the complete Adaptall product line which is over 6,800 products.