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Web Design Examples

Corporate Web Development Unique Web Layouts

OS&B Plumbing Products

Website: www.osb.ca

  • MySQL Database – 1000’s Products
  • Ability to Add/Delete/Edit Products
  • Encrypted Content Management
  • jQuery Animation
  • iPad Friendly Custom Design
Corporate Web Development Oakville Website Design Web Design Oakville Oakville Web Design Mississauga Website Design

Bondfield Construction

Website: www.bondfield.com

  • Custom User Interface
  • 300+ Construction Projects
  • RFP Quotation System
  • Employment System
  • Mobile Application
Web Development Corporate Web Design Solutions Business Suitable Web Designs Unique Web Layouts

Fletcher Realty Appraisals

Website: www.fletcherappraisal.ca

  • New HTML5 + CSS3 Design
  • Transparent Backgrounds
  • Full Screen Expanding Background
  • jQuery Cycle Animation
  • Custom Fonts
Interesting Web Designs

Corporate Web Design

Website Services

Companies choose 17 Designs because we offer timely in-house:

  • Corporate Website Design
  • Open Source Web Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Graphics
  • Corporate Website CMS Design
  • Corporate Website Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Strategies / Updates

Structured Coding Practices

Our coding strategies are highly structured and thoroughly scrutinized with each web page update.  We logically prepare our code to be:

  • Formal by Design
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Well Organized

Automate Business Processes To Reduce Waste

17 Designs is your premiere Oakville-based Corporate Web Development and Corporate Website Design company offering professional web services to Canadian businesses across the Greater Toronto Area.  We specialize in writing custom and open source PHP code to automate business processes and make your business operate more efficiently.  We do not deploy pre-packaged, off-the-shelf products.  Our web applications are developed from scratch and reflect a hierarchical model of best-kept business practices.  Companies choose 17 Designs for our insightful understanding of finely developed Internet applications for the corporate world.

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Complete Web Design

17 Designs offers full website services that include multi-layout CS6 Photoshop / Illustrator design, digital photography, copywriting services, database integration, custom (HTML5 and PHP) programming and adaptive mobile smartphone web development.  We are confident in preparing a variety of search engine friendly web pages including Contact Inquiry, Feedback, Product Quotation and Employment Forms; dynamic product pages linked to on-line product catalogues, social media blogs and dynamic photo galleries; on-line advertisements; and even custom illustrations.  We also program business-specific user interfaces (commonly referred to as Content Managed Systems) for portions of the website that you wish to update yourself.

Our jQuery Banners are Stunning and Provide Added SEO Benefit

Need to add some pizzazz to your corporate website?  Consider adding a jQuery Animated Banner with the following functionality:

  • Responsive Banners (reacting to finger swipes on mobile devices and mouse movement on computers)
  • Parallax Content Sliders (adding layered movement to your banners – see example above)
  • Content Cycles and Easing
  • Twitter Feeds

Custom WordPress Themes


Don’t settle for an unoriginal WordPress Theme used by thousands on the planet.  We can design a custom WordPress Theme programmed to fit your brand identity and unique business requirements.

Our original WordPress Themes now use adaptable technology allowing the text, imagery and navigation to resize / scale to fit any device.  This makes for a great user experience and allows your customers to view your website on their smart phone, tablet, notebook or desktop.

HTML5 Website Design

Using HTML5 and CSS3, 17 Designs offers cutting-edge web design and an unrivalled user experience. Contact 17 Designs today to experience excellent customer support. We utilize PHP to ensure a modular and scalable design.

Take advantage of the new semantic markup of HTML5 website design, including self-validating web forms your users will love, tailor-made CSS3 web page formatting (such as gradients, transparencies, curved radii and drop shadows) and @font-face advanced type support.  17 Designs has embraced the latest generation of HTML5 web development ensuring an ideal user experience and pixel perfect web authoring aimed at modern browsers.

Mobile App Design

mobile app design, mobile device application development, mobile app development

Going mobile?  Using the latest jQuery framework, HTML5 and CSS3, 17 Designs can program a mobile application that utilizes adaptive fluid grid design to fit any smart phone.

What about a smart phone’s orientation?  We’ve got that covered.  jQuery framework adapts to fits the horizontal or vertical browser width of any smart phone.  Do you also need database support?  No problem.  We can link your mobile app to an on-line product catalogue / database retrieving product information in real time.

mobile web development

Custom PHP
Web Development

Our strength in web development includes custom PHP web programming, business-specific web application design, optimized MySQL database development, recursive PHP programming and object-oriented PHP programming.  PHP is open source and ensures your site is both scalable and modular, giving you the peace of mind to expand your website at any time.

Maximize your Visibility

17 Designs understands the impact a website has on your business and we know it goes a long way to promote your brand and garner business credibility.  We recognize the importance of Internet visibility and we will leverage our skills / experience to ensure that your site achieves maximum potential.  Trust our knowledge of the web design industry to act responsibly on your behalf and through thoughtful collaboration / flexibility we will achieve an excellent return on your investment.

Manufacturer Websites

Our experience with the development and management of MySQL databases makes 17 Designs an ideal supplier for manufacturers with complex product databases.  Looking to re-vamp your product website?  Learn more about our Manufacturer Website Services and how they may be right for your business.

Our Clients…

Our clients come from various industries including manufacturing, construction, communication, distribution, entertainment, health care, real estate, security, transportation, as well as financial, automotive, consulting and restoration services.  We meet many entrepreneurs and can tailor our website development for limited budgets.  Need only one, two or possibly three web pages?  Yes, we do that, too!  We all have to start somewhere and websites are meant to evolve / grow over time.

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Search Engine Optimization

Through efficient design and coding practices, by making code error free and browser compliant, many of our websites achieve naturally high organic ranking on numerous search engines.  Other factors also come into play including naming conventions, page descriptions, meta information, .htaccess browser redirection, keyword management and various tags.

Web Hosting

17 Designs believes in focusing on what we do best, web design.  As such, we will not put a mark-up on another company’s hosting services.  If you are looking for the very best in hosting services with a company that is as customer focused as we are, we highly recommend Connected Technologies Inc. – our business partner for over 16 years.

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