Dear Valued Clients and Friends,

For almost 24 years 17 Designs has provided graphic design and web development services to corporations, manufacturers and small businesses for a broad range of industries. The experience of meeting and serving each and every client has been both rewarding and memorable. We are extremely thankful to have helped so many realize their business objectives and we feel fortunate to have made a valuable impact. It is with sadness that we announce effective September 30, 2021, 17 Designs will close its operation. The impact of COVID-19 has made operating 17 Designs challenging, therefore, the owners have decided to pursue new careers.

While these numbers only represent what we had time to post to the website and do not reflect the true volume of work we once handled, they do shed some light on how many businesses we successfully served and what we were able to achieve as a team that wanted to make a difference.

17 Designs achievements included but not limited to,

  • Worked with 96 Corporations to develop Brand Identities
  • Designed over 200 recognizable Retail Packages
  • Developed and launched 168 Websites

17 Designs was also active in the day-to-day development of Advertisements, Outdoor Signage, Brochures, Hoardings, Posters, POP Displays, Digital Photography, Postcard Designs, Sell Sheets and Proposals.

We were a small but effective and worthy of the Emerging Business Award by the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre.

For clients that used our web development services within the last year and require information to aid in the transition of their website to a new developer please note we will time permitting check our general email box and will assist where possible.

For clients that used our graphic design services please note that division of our business closed over 2 years ago and files were already provided to clients that requested them. All archives since that time have been destroyed.

Please note this website will continue to function for contact purposes only until the end of December.

A special thank you goes out to clients that were inspirational and that were significant to the 24 years of success of 17 Designs:

Christine S and Ken W; Paul, Henny, Aron and Lindsey W; Wayne R. (deceased), Goke O and Rui P; William S; Shari N, Catherine D and Gord P; Manny D-M; Mike P, Stacey C and Kristy B; Mike R; Janet M, Thomas H and Jannike H; Albert and Sabrina C; Gerry L. and Ed G; Theresa I, Gary D and Allen T; Larry and David C; Robert D and Steve M; Gary R; Jose J; Aldo M and Christina P; Martin S, Derek D and Wendy; Jeff and Matt P; Blair C and Rick P; Lucio and Marco F; Gary N; Glen F; Stéphane D, Irena K, Lesley O and Soula M; Louie C; Karl S; Mike S; Jill C; Manuel D; Julianna V-X and Fiona R; Neil S; Nely C; Ian, Christina and Giova P; Adrian P; Jill B; Laurie F; David N; Lou N; Karen C-N, Kassandra S and Brenda B; Debbie H; Paul and Ewa H; Adam and Peter T; Lorenzo P; Orlando D; Eleanor T; Mena N; Karla T; Robert L; Kim G and Matt P; Avi H; Nancy S; Nanette M; Mike M; Leo M; Jennifer C; Terri H; Anisa A; Peter N; Christian J; Rudy C; Jason R; Denise A; Barbara P; Emma L; Franco B; Lyle M; Nada N; Carmine C; Sara L; Riccardo D; Cam C; Paul D; Cheryl H; John B; Micah A; Rudy C; John S; Jason C; Warren S; Ashley C; Craig H; Christine C; Mario P; Colin P; Ann-Margaret R; Kathleen B; Marc C; Maria F; Jodi G; Andrew G; Vicki R; Rob S; Emily A; Andrew S; Ralph S; Charles A; David M; Richard B; Fernando V; Joey C and Lido C.

Our Vision was to help other business succeed by offering our talent and dedication. It was our sincere hope that in the past 24 years we provided a positive experience.

Thank you,
The 17 Designs Team