Structured Coding Practices

Structured Coding Practices

Spaghetti Code.  Jambalaya.  Voodoo Code (code that has no effect).  Yo-Yo Code (converts a value into a different representation, then converts it back to where it started).  Idempotent Functions (calling the save() function multiple times “just to be sure”).  Code doesn’t follow a consistent naming convention.  Difficult to follow code – doesn’t use indentation, poorly labelled.  Large chunks of code are left commented-out.

So many programmers are guilty of these offences.

At 17 Designs we pride ourselves on writing swift, well-named, well-organized code that ensures your website operates efficiently without glitches or errors.  Syntax is meaningful, well-placed and easy-to-read.  We deploy recursive functions where they make sense and built-in functions for added sophistication.  As professional programmers it is essential that our code follows a logical order of execution; deploys classes, objects and functions where needed; and is most-importantly modular and scalable.

structured code