Brochure Design: Abrigo Centre

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Brochure Design: Abrigo Centre

October 17, 2017

To promote community awareness and aid in fund raising, 17 Designs provided brochure design to the Abrigo Centre for the following:

  • Seniors’ Programs and Services
  • Violence Against Women and Children Program
  • Youth Programs and Services

These brochures were made both in English and Portuguese.

About Abrigo

The Abrigo Centre provides relevant programs and services to individuals, families, youth and seniors that empower them to achieve their full potential.  Among its many services Abrigo is especially successful serving as a Community Outreach through Workshops, Youth and Parenting Support, and Counselling Services.


Investing in Abrigo Centre with a donation is an investment in our community.  By giving to the multi-program agency, you are assisting some of the almost 6,000 clients that turn to Abrigo each year for assistance.

Here is how you can help: Abrigo Donations

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