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The Right Database Solution for Manufacturing

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Are you a local GTA manufacturer looking for a website solution to manage your on-line product inventory?  Theme-based websites (Drupal, Joolma and WordPress) are handy for text websites but don’t work well with marketing / products managers that use Microsoft Access or Excel to handle extensive product inventories (5,000+ products).  Some products have so many fields!  We commonly convert client spreadsheets with 75 columns or more (A-Z, AA-AZ, BA-BZ, CA-CZ, etc.) into functional and easy to navigate MySQL databases.

What’s nice about MySQL is it has the flexibility to have large, text-based fields that can contain virtually unlimited HTML content.  With UTF-8 format, fields can also contain trademarks (™), registered symbols (®), copyrights (©), international characters (àáâãçèéê) and other unique symbols.

For products with several images, a relational photo database can be established containing pertinent file information, image details and SEO information.

MySQL is ideally suited for products that are organized in a hierarchical structure addressing such requirements as product industry and material type.

MySQL product tables are also easy to import back into Microsoft Excel via CSV generated files that way reference to spreadsheets can still be maintained.

Secure Back-End

For large manufacturers we always recommend using a dedicated server.  Dedicated servers allow for increased security over shared servers and generally faster hosting.  More importantly, a dedicated server allows for creation of a publically-accessible website and an encrypted, firewall-protected back-end subdomain.  What better way to manage your website than behind a firewall!

Secure Shared Hosting Back-End

Can’t afford a dedicated server?  We offer product management solutions that work and are secure within a shared hosting environment.  By using security keys, placebo characters and random elements, back-end modules can achieve enhanced security and independent control of your product inventory.

Product Submission Forms

HTML5, PHP and jQuery make Product Submission Forms easy!  Through real-time access to your extension product database one can instantly generate product indices to make website navigation seamless to your customers.  Custom inputs can be created to correspond to your extensive product requirements.  GUI interfaces allow for text input so that customers don’t have to understand HTML.

Custom Requirements

We often meet manufacturers that have custom requirements that cannot be conveyed or articulated with just one meeting.  Some concepts are so unique to an industry that solutions may take a month or more to code.  This is not unusual and it is where 17 Designs excels.  We welcome challenges and difficult tasks.  The more complicated your requirements the better!

Language of Choice

17 Designs decided long ago that PHP would be our coding language of choice.  PHP is a versatile, powerful and we use it on a daily basis to achieve,

  • On-line Product Catalogues
  • Contact Forms with Field Validation
  • Breadcrumbs Trails
  • Modular Web Development
  • Product Searches
  • BLOG Design
  • Image Uploading and Sizing
  • Any Dynamic Content (ie. Testimonials, Newsletters, Trade Show Listings, etc.)

Server-Side Scripting

Since PHP executes on the host server during page retrieval, it does not suffer the limitations of browser compatibility that can occur with Javascript nor can PHP be turned off.  Hence, it is always available and its execution time is lightning fast.  PHP also offers unmatched security because its code is not visible once a web page is loaded protecting your programming investment.

Contact Us

We would be pleased to demonstrate a manufacturer’s website and the capabilities of PHP.