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Javascript Programming

Javascript Programming, web design, website design

Function of Javascript in Web Design

17 Designs uses JavaScript mainly to accessorize a website by improving the user’s experience and increasing functionality particularly with the use of forms.  Common uses include,

  • Complex Form Calculations (such as lease / mortgage rates, royalties and taxation)
  • Form Validation (including phone numbers, postal / zip code formatting and e-mail verification)
  • Form / Page Re-direction
  • Error Alerts / Highlighting
  • Text Replacement / Manipulation
  • Adding a Calendar
  • Adding a Date Time Clock
  • Cookie Planting and Retrieval
  • Page History
  • Window Popups
  • Animation

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If you have a particular website requirement, we can determine if JavaScript or another programming language is best suited for developing an appropriate solution.

History of Javascript

Javascript Programming, web development, web design, website design

The flexibility of JavaScript has made it one of the most popular programming languages on the web and also one of the easiest languages to learn.  With the proliferation of comprehensive frameworks, a multitude of libraries, improved programming practices and a commitment by web browser developers to make JavsScript run faster than many mainstream programming languages, JavaScript is well-suited not only for a re-birth but to capture global website development.  JavaScript also supports Regular Expressions providing concise and powerful syntax for text manipulation that is more sophisticated than built-in string functions.