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Graphic Design

17 Designs is an award-winning graphic design studio that services corporations, manufacturers and small businesses for a broad range of industries.

Our team provides design services to clients across the Greater Toronto Area including Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, Vaughan, Brampton, Halton Hills, Georgetown and beyond.  Situated in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, our success stems from attention to detail, customer service and knowledge of the graphic design industry.

Graphic Design Oakville, Graphic Design Mississauga, Graphic Design Toronto

Web Design

For seventeen years 17 Designs has provided superior web development and timely web maintenance to companies across the GTA.  We take pride in developing custom PHP websites and original WordPress themes that are reasonably priced, coded for organic SEO and modular for continued expansion.  Our web design approach is proven and our pricing structure flexible.

Web Design Oakville, Web Design Mississauga, Web Design Toronto, Website Design Oakville, Website Design Mississauga, Website Design Toronto

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Mobile Design

Adaptable technology for your smart phone or tablet.  Responsive finger friendly functionality with superior user interfaces.  Swipe the “Recent Projects” above for a demonstration.  Our latest websites scale to fit any device.  Email us to learn more.

Mobile App Design Oakville, Mobile App Design Mississauga, Mobile App Design Toronto, jQuery Mobile App Oakville, jQuery Mobile App Design Mississauga, jQuery Mobile App Design Toronto

Custom PHP Web Development

PHP Programming Oakville, PHP Programming Mississauga, PHP Programming Toronto

Who Is Your Potential Target Audience?

Today’s websites must do more than establish credibility and enhance your brand.  Consider first, the impact your website has on lead generation from potential new customers.  Is it well-received and easy to navigate?  Does it appeal to your target audience?  Does it offer services your competition doesn’t and can it offer your clients a deep level of interactivity that makes your business operate more effectively?  Finally, does it offer an excellent Return on Investment?

Complete PHP Website Products and Services

Now consider if your website adds value to your business…  Are you eliminating an expensive printed catalogue by showcasing your products on-line?  Can customers download products specifications such as colours and dimensions?  Can people find you better than if they went to the Yellow Pages?  When choosing your next web development company talk openly about what you website should do.  17 Designs will reflect on your requirements and develop custom solutions that meet your business requirements.  We don’t kit-bash templates or re-hash off-the-shelf products.  We develop custom code using open source PHP and modular technology practices.  We are highly innovative and will examine your business model and your business processes to create a website that works best for you.

Ingredients to a Well-Executed Website

Creativity, functionality and user friendliness are key ingredients to a well-executed website.  Producing work that pleases our clients is our greatest motivation and we succeed when your website enhances the value of your brand.  We understand how people see your business and we have the insight to develop website collateral that is original and unique to your business alone.

Areas of Services

17 Designs serves many industries including but not limited to the construction industry, the automotive industry, health care, hospitality services, financial industry, food services, manufacturing, distributors, trucking and logistic providers, property leasing, security companies, chemical engineering, technology, entrepreneurs and a host of others.  The majority of our clients are in the Greater Toronto Area and we have a particular affinity to companies in Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto.  Send us
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Web Page Examples

  • jQuery Sortable

    Drag & Drop Product Ranking

    Using your mouse and access to an encrypted / secure back-end, update the order of appearance of products with simple drag & drop movements.  Requires jQuery Sortable (serialize) and an AJAX call to PHP UPDATE function.

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  • website banner, animated banner

    jQuery Website Banner

    Add interest to your website Home Page with a mobile device compatible banner.  Written in jQuery, text and image overlays help explain the purpose of each image and add valuable SEO content.  Custom sizes and unique animations exist.

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  • form development, employment form, on-line form, application form

    Employment Form

    Host an unlimited database of job descriptions complete with salary expectations, terms of employment, education requirements, job description, responsibilities and closing dates.  Candidates can apply on-line with application details being forwarded to a staff email address.  Form validation using PHP regular expressions and HTML5.

  • check availability form, HTML5 form programming, form validation, screen form content

    Check Availability Form

    Perfect for any leasing company, this Check Availability Form prompts for contact information and requirements.  Initial validation performed by HTML5, with a secondary check using Javascript and a complete form analysis using PHP.  Screens for inappropriate language and spambots.

  • contact us form, regular expressions, PHP form validation, CAPTCHA

    Contact Us Form with Verification Code

    A neatly made Contact Us Form validated using PHP regular expressions.  Includes a preferred method of contact and a random CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) verification.

  • bid list, login form

    Secure Bid List

    This Bid List includes bid details: owner, estimator, architect and project details.  Accessed through a self-generated Login ID and Password, each list includes architectural drawings and addendum retrieved dynamically from the web server.  Bids expire according to closing date and move to project state when awarded.

  • adaptive website background, background images, web page backgrounds, adaptive programming

    Adaptive Background Image

    This HTML5 website makes use of many new CSS3 features including gradients, box shadowing, transparencies, live custom fonts and curved container structures.  A full screen background image expands and contracts to adapt to the browser size.  Buttons are sized to be finger friendly and drop downs function on iPads.

  • professional web design, sleek website design, corporate website design

    Professional “Look”

    17 Designs specializes in creating a clean, corporate look for web pages with a broad business appeal.  Use of business-specific royalty free imagery enhances the style and professionalism of any web page.

  • Wordpress theme design, custom Wordpress themes

    WordPress Product Integration

    Push WordPress to the max by integrating thousands of products.  This custom WordPress theme includes a dynamically generated product sidebar.  Specification tables and supplier PDFs complete WordPress pages in real time.

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  • online testimonials, customer comments, online comments

    On-line Testimonials

    Enhance the content of your Home Page by including a dynamically generated list of recently entered testimonials.  Provide customers an on-line facility to post testimonials.  Review testimonials for content prior to posting them live.

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