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Programming in ActionScript 3.0

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The future of ActionScript programming and Flash in general is uncertain.  With the increasing popularity of mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, Flash development and ActionScript programming appears to be diminishing.  Under ordinary configuration it should be noted that Flash animation will not render on an Apple iPhone or iPad however Flash appears to work fine on an Android Smartphone provided the correct app is installed.

We have no immediate recommendation on Flash development however 17 Designs does offer a useful alternative – the jQuery Slider.  The jQuery framework works well on all mobile devices and its functionality is almost on par with Flash.  Provided a Flash detection routine is properly coded into a web page, clients can enjoy Flash animation on their desktop / notebook computers and an alternative yet attractive jQuery Slider on their tablets and phones.  A sample jQuery Slider appears on our Web Design page.

History of ActionScript

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A scripting language first introduced in the year 2000 with Macromedia Flash 5, which was the first Flash version to be fully programmable, ActionScript is based on ECMAScript and is similar in syntax to JavaScript.  The ActionScript 3.0 language (Adobe’s latest version) offers programmatic access to most elements in the Adobe Flash Player.  Included in the ActionScript language are several classes devoted to creating animation and allowing Flash developers to create simple or complex motion effects without tracing their work across the Flash timeline.  From a client perspective, ActionScript allows developers to enhance existing Flash designs by importing additional animated movie clips, video and sound components in a modular fashion.  This, in turn, makes for a robust Flash programming environment and increases the functionality of Flash animations.